Facts on Measures A & B

Measures A & B on the Ventura County June ballot would give the Board of Supervisors unprecedented and virtually unlimited power to arbitrarily force the shutdown of existing oil and gas production in our county. A shutdown of our strictly regulated production would lead to greater reliance on foreign oil, higher energy prices, the loss of thousands of jobs, and the loss of tens of millions of dollars in revenue used for vital community services.

Measures A & B are an unprecedented power grab by politicians.

Ventura County’s oil and gas production is already subject to strict oversight by independent experts within federal, state, and local agencies. These agencies have the authority to revoke permits and shut down production if local producers do not meet their stringent operating requirements and high environmental standards. Despite this, the Board of Supervisors is pushing Measures A & B to give themselves new powers to override state and federal regulations, ignore recommendations from scientific experts, and shut down existing oil and gas production in Ventura County — for almost any reason, including political reasons.

Measures A & B would force California to import more foreign oil, making energy prices even higher.

Californians already pay the highest energy prices in the country, and Measures A & B could raise prices even more. All oil and gas produced in California is used right here in our state, but we still don’t produce enough energy to meet our needs. As a result, California now imports about 75% of the oil we use – mostly from foreign countries.

Measures A & B would result in the shutdown of local oil and gas production and further reduce our supply of oil and gas, forcing the import of even more expensive foreign oil to make up for the loss. Much of this foreign oil comes from unstable foreign countries with poor human rights, environmental, and labor standards. The more dependent we are on foreign oil, the more vulnerable our energy supply and energy prices are to geopolitical conflict and instability. At a time when energy prices have never been higher, A & B are ill-advised proposals that make no sense and would be very costly for local families and businesses.

Measures A & B would result in the loss of thousands of jobs and tens of millions in local tax revenues.

According to a recent report, Measures A & B would have significant negative economic impacts in addition to higher energy prices. The measures are projected to cause the loss of over 2,000 jobs that are crucial to working families across Ventura County. A & B would also result in the loss of more than $56 million in vitally needed tax revenues from local oil and gas production that are used to support our local schools, firefighters, public safety and other services.

Measures A & B have no effect on drinking water safety

The politicians promoting Measures A & B are using scare tactics about Ventura County water safety. Ventura County water is safe and complies with all state and federal drinking water standards. Our aquifers are already protected by strict oversight by local, state and federal agencies, which have the authority to shut down any well at risk of causing water pollution. Moreover, a major study conducted last year by the U.S. Geological Survey found no evidence that Ventura County water has ever been impacted by energy production operations. Measures A & B threaten to increase local energy prices, eliminate thousands of good-paying jobs, and reduce local tax revenues and services – while providing absolutely NO environmental benefits.

Join The Coalition

Join the coalition of Ventura County families, farmers, businesses, and community organizations in urging NO on Measures A & B on or before June 7, 2022.