No On Measures A&B

A&B would result in even higher energy prices A&B would force even more imports of costly foreign oil A&B would jeopardize the livelihoods of working families

Measures A&B on the Ventura County June ballot is a power grab being promoted by the majority of the Board of Supervisors in order to give themselves unprecedented, and nearly unlimited, power to arbitrarily shutdown existing oil and gas production in our county. A shutdown of our strictly regulated energy production would force us to import even more costly foreign oil, leading to a greater reliance on energy produced in unstable nations, higher energy prices, and the loss of thousands of local jobs and tens of millions of dollars in tax revenues that help fund vital community services in Ventura County. Get the facts on Ventura County Measures A & B:

Get The Facts
Deceptive power grabs by politicians
energy prices
Loss of thousands of jobs and tens of millions in tax revenue
More imports of costly foreign oil

Stop the Energy Shutdown

Measures A & B are designed to shutdown local oil and gas production, which would threaten thousands of local jobs and increase energy prices even more. Vote NO to Stop Measures A & B in Ventura County on or before June 7th.

Join The Coalition

Join the coalition of Ventura County families, farmers, businesses, and community organizations in urging NO on Measures A & B on or before June 7, 2022.